Thursday, January 3, 2013

There Are No Icebergs on Cape Cod

Yes, I’m aware of that. When I showed the cover of Wintertide to my brother-in-law, that was his first comment. I looked through thousands of stock photos to find the one that I finally used for the cover. This was the only one that was actually affordable and had the following: a guy about the right age who could represent the main character in the book, a winter scene with ocean - which is the setting for the story, and good spacing for the book title and some other verbiage. All in all, the photo fit the bill.  And if you can suspend your disbelief just a bit, he could be standing on the sea cliff from the story and not on an iceberg. (“Iceberg, right ahead!” Sorry, I can’t think iceberg and not think about that movie quote.)

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