Monday, June 17, 2013

Goodreads Giveaway Winners and a Runaway Poodle

I went to the post office first thing this morning and dropped the books in mail for the three winners. Thanks for entering!
While at the post office, my daughter pointed to the lawn in front of the church across the street. There was a little white toy poodle just standing there by itself watching the rush hour traffic zoom by. I glanced around and didn’t see anyone who looked like the owner. I was thinking about calling the police or taking a walk over to it, when a women and two children (they looked to be around 9 and 11 or so) yelled “There she is!” from across the way. It took them several minutes to get across the busy street to the dog. When they were about a foot from it, the dog took off, right across the street. I sucked in a breath as the owners hands came up to their mouths, all of us watching the near miss as the dog dashed across the road.
Then my daughter and I proceeded to watch them chase this dog back and forth as it kept racing away, having the time of its life. The children were crying by now. A few cars stopped, and the drivers tried to help, but that dog wasn’t having it. Finally, the poodle u-turned away from the road and ran into some woods with the mom and the kids yelling and giving chase.
“Why is that doggie running away, Mommy?” my daughter asked as we got into our car and drove back home.
“The dog is just playing,” I told her. “He doesn’t know how worried his owners are and how dangerous the street is.”
“That’s why you tell me not to go in the street. You would be sad, too, if I ran into the street like that doggie. Right, Mommy?”
 “Yes, sweetie,” I replied gravely. “That’s absolutely right. That’s why I never want you to do that.”
“I don’t want to do it either.” She agreed.
Woo hoo!! – I’m cheering silently.
So, I got an errand done and an inadvertent lesson in all before 7:30 in the morning. Hopefully, it wasn’t at the expense of that cute white poodle. I hope you’re safely back at home, girl.