Monday, January 21, 2013

O Brave New World

I’ve entered two new arenas this month. The first is self-publishing. The second is children’s birthday parties. I’m not sure which one is stranger.
My daughter and I are addicted to Angry Birds. She’s just discovered it and she insists that I get her to the next level each time she plays. I’m all too happy to oblige. This is way better than Mr. Potato Head.
I just don’t understand how everyone can be so active on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, their blog, and even Linkedin. I’ve got a Twitter account now because I’ve been told that I MUST have one to promote my book. Well, I follow five people and one person follows me (thanks btw!). I’ve tweeted nothing so far. I’m not sure, but that might defeat the purpose of having the account.
I’m doing a final revision of another book that I plan to self-publish on Amazon. This one probably falls into the chick-lit category. I realize that the publishing world says chick-lit is dead, but I still read it. Anyway, when I sit down to write, the story comes out the way it comes out. I just don’t see paranormal vampire and werewolf tales seeping out of my brain. I almost wish they would. They sell so very well, and it’s a trend that is far surpassing its fifteen minutes.
Pats lost. Very upsetting. But having two coaches who are brothers taking their teams to the Superbowl is pretty interesting.
Last weekend was the “no pants subway ride” day on the T here in Boston . I understand that it’s a humorous improv thing that takes place in lots of cities now. But being half naked while riding the T? If I could wear a hazmat suit when I took the T, I would. I have seen some disgusting things on those trains. College kids coming home from frat parties ride those trains. Nevermind the rats.  Seriously, you want to wear pants while on the T and anything else you can find to cover yourself.

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  1. Update: I'm getting more twitter followers somehow. I heard that Beyonce has over 3 million followers and has only ever tweeted a few times.