Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Cat Cracks Me Up, But My iPhone Is No Joke

My cat thinks he’s a person and I haven’t told him otherwise. At the end of a hard day’s work consisting mostly of napping and begging for food, he likes to take it easy and let it all hang out.

Next topic: I’m so disappointed in my iPhone 5. I had an old 3GS that was great. But it was heavy and bulky and when the iPhone5 came out, I was due for an upgrade. Big mistake. Being an early iPhone 5 customer is no fun. It seems everyone has heard about the map issues and the camera issues, but my biggest issue, which Apple is still not admitting even exists despite message boards filling with complaints, is Bluetooth. I cannot answer calls in my car hands-free using Bluetooth. When I attempt to, the person on the other end cannot hear me and the call gets dropped after a minute or so. I can pair the phone with the car, no problem. I can make outgoing calls over Bluetooth without issue. I can stream music from my phone over Bluetooth just great. But I cannot answer an incoming call without physically picking up my phone and manually toggling it to the phone speaker and back to the car’s hands-free system.  Unless I do this, I lose the call. Having to do this for each incoming call while I’m driving is dangerous.  So, I find myself calling my phone names and turning Bluetooth off when I get in the car.
Big surprise, when you go to the Genius Bar or call Apple, they blame the car. They say the Bluetooth in the car must be old. The car is brand new and it supposedly supports the latest versions of Bluetooth. My car manufacturer was nicer, but they blame Apple. I think they’re right. A quick Google search shows that tons of people have this same iPhone 5-specific issue with all kinds of different car models. I’m just so mad about this. If Apple would admit to the problem and say that they’re working on it, I wouldn’t feel so frustrated. But they’re complete silence on the issue is hard to believe. Maybe iOS 6.1 will finally fix it. Rumor has it (not Apple) that it might. Pretty, pretty, please.

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