Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sometime Soon - Some Backstory

Sometime Soon has been out for almost a week now, and people are slowly starting to find it. This book was a detour on the road to my first YA paranormal series. If all goes well, book one is due out in the fall. In the midst of all the plotting and character development for what is turning out to be a really fun paranormal story to write, Sometime Soon raised its hand and asked to be noticed again.
I wrote the first draft over five years ago. For some reason, I found myself returning to it this past winter. It was such a light, fun story to revisit, full of anecdotes from my real life. So, I decided to polish it up and release it. I haven’t done a major release blitz for this one. I’ve got some low-budget advertising coming in a couple of weeks, and I sent it to a few bloggers and fans of the first book. So far, they have been very kind in their reviews.
Sometime Soon isn’t going to change the world, but I hope it’s entertaining. It’s the kind of story I like to read when the stress and anxiety of my everyday life is more than enough, and I don’t want my fiction twisting me up in knots. There are no cliffhangers here folks!
Here are the reviews Sometime Soon has received so far:

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  1. Debra,
    I plugged your book on my show this past weekend and will be adding it to the list of books that will be posted on my website www.jordanrich.com. I'd like to invite you to a future "book night" program if you're interested. You can e-mail me at radiospots@aol.com. I seemed to have misplaced your e-mail address. Take care and congratulations on all of your work!
    Jordan Rich
    WBZ Boston