Friday, February 22, 2013

Wintertide Trade Paperback Available

Publishing my very first ebook was pretty exciting and nerve-wracking - still is really - but holding the actual book in my hand makes it all the more real. I’ve been getting an incredible amount of support from people who have read the book. Thank you so much! It’s not exactly the type of story where readers yell “I loved it!” (Now that I've written that sentence, I do believe one review said exactly that.) It’s too dark and the characters aren’t really intended to be likable. Although, I can’t help but like Daniel. He's my creation. 
I’ve also had the inevitable bad reviews. I try not to let them get me down. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and nearly every book out there has both good and bad reviews. What I’m finding interesting are the diametrically opposed views of the story readers are having. After reading the book, people are getting very different things out of it. That's kind of cool, actually.
I’m also finding it difficult to divide my attention between Wintertide post-writing work and new book polishing work. I’m very into the next book since I’m completely immersed in it right now. It’s hard to change my focus back to Wintertide every time something comes up for that story. The new book, as I mentioned in an earlier post, falls into the Women’s Fiction genre. I’m afraid any readers I’ve managed to attract with Wintertide may find that the next book is not quite their cup of tea. But I hope not.
In the meantime, I’ll have more news about Wintertide in the coming weeks and I’ll have release information for the new book soon.
Again, thanks for reading!

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