Friday, December 28, 2012

New Suspense Novel

Wintertide released on January 1st, 2013.

Book Synopsis:

When college sophomore, Daniel Hiller, reluctantly returned home to Cape Cod for the holidays, he never planned on rekindling old friendships. He had easily left his life behind, and he never looked back. But back at home, after a year and a half away, unexpected nostalgia finds him once again in the company of old friends.  On a night out together, one of those friends commits a heinous crime.  When Daniel witnesses that crime, he is asked to keep a dark secret that could forever tie him to the place he has always despised.

As Daniel tries to get through the rest of his winter break pretending that nothing is wrong, he rekindles a relationship with his high school girlfriend and he referees the all too familiar arguments between his parents. All the while, he is attempting to avoid the constant threats of retribution if he breaks his silence. Soon, avoidance becomes impossible.  Not knowing who to trust, but realizing that his former friends are far from trustworthy, Daniel must make a choice.  When he does, he discovers that keeping the secret may have been the lesser of the evils.

Daniel wants to believe that he is nothing like his friends. He wants to think that he’s better than that. But when his own future is threatened, he realizes that he is not better. In fact, he may be much, much worse.

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